Women's Place | 2025 Classic Weekly | Neutrals

Women's Place | 2025 Classic Weekly | Neutrals

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Please note: Our Classic planners are listed as coming soon. These will be available to pre-order in August. Date TBA. Product information is subject to change while we finalise our Classic planner production.

Designed for Australian teachers who find joy in simplicity, the neutral Classic Weekly has all the practicality and as our signature range, but is not coiled, and lays flat on your desk. It has a soft colour scheme and adopts a more minimalist design.

Each spread (2 pages) shows one school week, with 6 practical periods set out vertically for each day. There’s also space for before and after school plans and notes on each week's opening. And don’t forget the free space that allows you to write lists, doodle, or create a masterpiece. 

Attention lefties: This sleek Australian teacher planner is for you! Not only does it tick all your planning boxes but this spiral-free option makes it much easier to write. Awesome!


Layout and Organisation:

  • Each solid quote page includes the following date range per -
    • Term 1: 01/01 - 14/04
    • Term 2: 15/04 - 07/07
    • Term 3: 08/07 - 29/09
    • Term 4: 30/09 - 01/01/2026

Records and Planning Tools:

  • The final solid quote page is 'records' and includes:
    • 10 spreads of assessment recording space
    • 3 pages of professional learning logs
    • 11 pages for easy-to-access notes
  • 2025 calendar overviews and dated pages from 01/01/2025 to 01/01/2026
  • 4 x classroom layout pages and month-to-an-opening calendar for every month
  • Term planning pages at the commencement of each term

Storage and Organisation Solutions:

  • 3 ribbon bookmarks
  • An elastic closure
  • An expandable inner pocket for storing all your important documents.
  • Keepsake box included for safe storage and gifting

Design and Aesthetics:

  • Durable hardcover with luxe foiled cover text
  • Week to an opening, vertical layout
  • Inspirational quotes throughout for motivation and positivity


Dimensions: 298 x 248 x 34mm
Weight: 1.7kg

Full-colour A4 internal pages
Premium quality inner pages, 120gsm on crisp white paper
323 pages | 161 sheets

Keepsake Box:
Dimensions: 310mm x 269mm x 49mm

Additional Information:
Designed in Boorloo (Perth), Australia
FSC + ISO Certified

Mrs Edgar Pty Ltd is a Dealer Member of the Indigenous Art Code
This means we are committed to fair and ethical trade with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists, and transparency in the promotion and sale of artwork. As a Dealer Member and signatory to the Code we must act fairly, honestly, professionally and in good conscience in all direct or indirect dealings with artists.


Women's Place artwork by Holly Sanders.

Holly Sanders is a proud Bundjalung woman from the North Coast of NSW, Australia. She currently lives and works as a teacher and artist on Yuin and Dharawal Countries. Through her art she aims to share her stories, culture and Country in a contemporary way. 

She always looks to Country- the land, sky and the waters- and uses these images, stories and memories to paint. The patterns of Country at different times of the day and year influence heavily in her art.

Holly honours the continuing connection Bundjalung, Yuin and Dharawal people have to the land and acknowledges the stories, traditions and living cultures of all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people as the oldest and longest continuing culture on the planet. 


Women's Place

This work symbolises the sacred sites of women’s business and women’s knowledge on Country. For generations, women have cared for sacred places on Country using ancestral wisdom and knowledge. This is a continuation of thousands of years of generational practice- the oldest in the world. The detailed patterns and lines represent the Country, ceremonial smoke, Songlines, berries and medicines.  The natural colours used throughout symbolise the colours and ochres of the land. The land is connected to women and is our mother. Protection and recognition is needed for our cultural and heritage women’s sites so that they aren't just seen as geographical spaces, but are of great cultural heritage that contain our Songlines, ancestors and Dreamings. We continue to have a living, spiritual connection with these sites.

- Holly Sanders

Internal lettering artwork by Lauren Saylor


Part proceeds from the sale of our planners will be donated directly to the GO Foundation whose mission is to create a brighter future for Indigenous Australians.


We want nothing but the best for our incredible teaching community. That’s why if you’re not 100% in love with your teacher planner or any items purchased, send them back and we’ll give you a full refund, no questions asked! 

Read the full details here.

Please note: We do our absolute best to ensure photos have been taken to represent the actual teacher planner cover, however, these colours may look different in ‘real life’ as opposed to on your electronic screens (AKA your computer/laptop/tabletsSmartphones) due to variations in monitor settings and display quality. We also take great care with all our products, however, due to the manufacturing process, planners may have minor imperfections such as slight scratching and marks.


Will my term dates align?

Each school term in the planner is conveniently separated by tabs. Below are the date ranges for each divider:

  • Term 1: 01/01/25 - 13/04/25

  • Term 2: 14/04 - 06/07

  • Term 3: 07/07 - 28/09

  • Term 4: 29/09 - 31/12/2025

Additionally, each term includes extra weeks to accommodate various state and territory schedules. While you may not use all these weeks for school planning, they'll be useful for organising your holiday plans!

What is a pre-order?

When a product is marked as a pre-order, it means that the item is not currently in stock but can be reserved for future delivery. This allows you to secure your desired product ahead of time, even before it becomes readily available. Our 2025 Signature planners are a pre-order and are expected to dispatch from August 31.

Do your planners have weekends?

Yes, they have! We've added a small dedicated space for weekends in all our planners, in response to popular requests.

Will you be restocking planners this year?

Thank you for your interest in our planners. We regret to inform you that we will not be restocking any of our planners this year. This includes any planners that are currently marked as out of stock on our website. We understand that this might be disappointing, and we are genuinely sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.


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Fantastic, exactly like description.


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Mrs Edgar's Planners are now my go to Planners - love the colours, set out and they are so functional.

Paula Shaw

I just received my 2019 Teacher's Planner. It's awesome and I cannot wait to use it! Thank you so much!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review

Fantastic, exactly like description.