Erasable Pilot Frixion Colours | Set 12

Erasable Pilot Frixion Colours | Set 12

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The erasable Pilot FriXion Colours are erasable felt tip marker pens, perfect for underlining or colouring in. After rubbing out the ink with the end cap you can immediately re-write over any mistakes. Available in a Wallet of 12.

FriXion is Pilot’s erasable pens range that uses a unique gel ink that is thermo sensitive. What this means is that the ink disappears when you rub the paper with the special tip. The erasing tip creates friction-generated heat, the ink heats up quickly and disappears without damaging your paper. You can erase and instantly re-write over your mistakes! Eraser on cap.

Pilot Frixion Pens are not recommended for signing legal documents, filling in cheques or completing exams. Do not leave documents that have been written with Frixion Colours in your car for extended periods as extreme heat could cause your information to disappear. This is the same for placing significantly hot items on top of your work.

  • Tip size: 2.5mm bullet

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