New Year, New Books!  Our Favourites to Kickstart the Year!

New Year, New Books! Our Favourites to Kickstart the Year!

Hey teacher!


I hope these holidays are treating you well and that you are fully geared up for another exciting and productive year with your students. Today, I want to share with you some of our favourite books to kickstart the new school year!


Have fun, learn something new and create lasting memories with your learners by reading these awesome books!

Reading is such a fun way to get learners excited about the upcoming year and help them feel comfortable. These books focus on resilience, responding to change, making friendships and facing fears. They are perfect for back-to-school and provide a fun, engaging way to settle into the new school year. Whether it's a story about making new friends, adapting to a new classroom or understanding feelings, these books are sure to bring a smile!


💡Our favourite part about these books is that your class can see them come to life with Vooks! 

Vooks is an excellent platform for educators who are looking for a safe and free online library of books that come to life through animation, music, sound, and read-along text. The narration and animations in the books make it easy for students to understand and follow along. The library is constantly growing and one of my favourite back to school reads, "Our Class is a Family," is also available on the platform. With Vooks, you can bring the magic of storytelling to your classroom and encourage a love of reading in your students.

Books for your little learners...

Kindy - Year 3

Our Class is a Family

by Shannon Olsen

Kindergarrten Bus

by Mike Ornstein


by Kelly Oriard & Callie Christensen

Can U Save the Day?

by Shannon Stocker

Curious George's First Day of School

by Margret & H.A.Rey's

Be Big! Beatrice's First Day of First Grade

by Katie Kizer

Mae the Mayfly

by Denise Brennan-Nelson

Creatures Full of Feelings

By Kelly Oriard & Callie Christensen

Beautiful Hands

by Bret Baumgarten

Sweet People Are Everywhere

by Alice Walker

The Tagalongs

by Megan Marie Myers

Ronnie and His Grit

by Ronnie Lott & Leslie Harter

What's My Superpower?

by Aviaq Johnston

Little Girl Big Dream: The Story of Olympian Samantha Peszek

by Leslie Harter

The Digger and the Flower

by Joseph Kuefler

Books for your bigger learners...

Year 4 - Year 6

Roald Dahl Collection

by Roald Dahl


by R. J. Palacio


by Louis Sachar

A Glasshouse of Stars

by Shirley Marr


As the new school year begins, what better way to foster a sense of excitement, resilience, and community among students than through the power of captivating stories? Our favourite selection of read for you little or big learners is not just a means to instill a love for reading but also to navigate the emotions and experiences that come with embarking on a new school year! We hope you love these as much as we do!

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