2025 Teacher Planner

Artist Spotlight: Yao Cheng


Artwork has always been a feature of our planners since the beginning! 

The perfect piece of art has the ability to completely transform our planners and set the mood, evoking feelings of joy and inspiration.

We are so excited to be introducing Yao Cheng, the artist behind our Signature Brights covers Palms and Snow Drift.

About Yao Cheng

Yao Cheng is a renowned artist and designer based in Columbus, Ohio. She creates bold, colorful art that is joyful. She believes that it has the power to brighten a person’s day or touch us in a meaningful way. Through all of her work, she inspires us to see art as being an integral part of our daily life.

Her passion for painting began in childhood. Being able to pick up a pencil and create her own world of ideas was profound. She went on to study Textiles at the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) and worked in the corporate fashion industry before creating her art studio. During this time, Yao discovered water color and the immediate joy it can bring to the painting process. 

This sparked her desire to share her love for art with others. Founded in 2012, Yao Cheng Design is a creative studio where Yao’s expressive art come to life through products and brand projects. In all of her work, she is always striving to capture life’s beauty through her fluid brush strokes and unpredictable colors. 

Best known for her iconic painting style, Yao's designs can be found with Google Photos, Target, Tervis, Blue Sky Planners, Chronicle Books, West Elm and more. 

Find Yao on Instagram and peek inside her creative process .

2025 planner:

2025 Teacher Planner
2025 Teacher Planner
Find More From Yao Cheng Here

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