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3 Holiday Recount Ideas For After The Holidays

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With the holiday season behind us, it's the perfect time to encourage children to reflect on their adventures and memories. 

But recounting holidays doesn't have to be a mundane task; it can be a fun and creative experience! 

In this post, we’re excited to share three delightful holiday recount writing activities that will make the process enjoyable for kids. 

These activities are designed to spark their imagination, help them organise their thoughts, and let their unique holiday stories come to life in a playful way. 

Reflecting and Learning Through Storytelling

Before we get into the activities, let's talk about why holiday recounts are worth your time. Holiday recounts are a fantastic way for children to reflect on and solidify their experiences. 

They provide an opportunity for kids to practise their writing skills in a meaningful context, enhancing their ability to organise thoughts, sequence events, and use descriptive language. Additionally, recounting holidays helps children develop a deeper understanding and appreciation of their own experiences, fostering a sense of mindfulness and gratitude.

 It also offers a wonderful way for them to share their unique perspectives and stories with others, promoting communication skills and social interaction. 

Overall, holiday recounts are not only educational but also enjoyable, making learning a more engaging and personal experience.

Polaroid Recount Writing Display

The first resource is this super fun recount activity, a fantastic way for students to share their holiday experiences in a creative and engaging manner. Encourage your students to recount their adventures or create a display using our versatile templates.

Students can write about their holiday adventures using the provided writing lines and search for photos online to represent their experiences, integrating technology into the activity. Alternatively, they can draw pictures directly onto the polaroid templates. 

Get creative with this open-ended resource to make a fun and interactive display that suits your class perfectly. It's an ideal activity for the first week back to school, helping students reflect on their holidays and share their stories in a vibrant and engaging way.

My Holiday Recount Poster

 This poster is a fantastic tool for students to capture and share their holiday memories creatively. Using the writing lines provided, students can recount their holiday adventures in detail, describing their favourite moments and experiences.

 Encouraging them to highlight the top three things from their holidays adds a structured approach to their recount, helping them to focus on the most memorable aspects of their time away. Whether it's a special trip, time spent with family, or discovering new places, this activity allows students to reflect on their experiences and share them with their peers in a visual and engaging way. 

It's a wonderful opportunity for them to celebrate and cherish their holiday memories while practising their writing skills.

Holiday Recount Toppers

Let's mix things up with the my holidays recount poster by adding different themed toppers! 

Check out the  my summer holidays topper to focus on those sunny holiday adventures? Or try a the student topper to showcase individual achievements and experiences. 

These themed toppers can add a fun twist to the activity, making it perfect for different times of the year or special class projects. Just swap out the topper, and you've got a fresh and exciting way for students to share their stories with renewed enthusiasm and creativity. 

It's a simple change that keeps things engaging and fun!

Recounting holiday experiences through creative activities like the my holiday poster not only enhances writing skills but also fosters reflection and appreciation for the memories made. 

By using writing lines to detail their adventures and highlighting their top three moments, students can craft a meaningful narrative that captures the essence of their holidays. 

Whether they choose to embellish their posters with themed toppers or integrate technology by including photos, the possibilities for personalisation are endless. 

This activity not only promotes literacy and creativity but also encourages students to share their unique stories with classmates, creating a sense of community and understanding. 

As we embark on a new school term, these recounting exercises serve as a delightful way to reconnect, inspire, and celebrate the diverse experiences that make each student's holiday special.

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