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Uncover the Coolest Back-to-School First Day Activities

Hey teacher!

Excitement is building as we gear up for the back-to-school season – can you feel it? 


A new academic year is like a blank canvas, waiting to be filled with endless possibilities for both teachers and students.


Let's kick off this journey with a bang, making the first week a memorable one for everyone involved. I've got five awesome first-day-of-school activities for you – short, sweet, and loaded with fun.


Let's embark on this journey together, ensuring that the first day becomes a catalyst for a year filled with inspiration, collaboration, and, most importantly, joyous learning experiences.

1. Back to School Writing Display: Recounting Holiday Adventures

  • Get ready for a dynamic return to the classroom with our Writing Display resource. 


  • It's perfect for the Back to School season, encouraging students to share their holiday escapades. 


  • The best part? They can add online images to spice up their stories. Showcase their creativity with photos, drawings, and a touch of tech magic.

2. All About Me Poster: Showcasing Personalities and Creativity

  • Foster a sense of community with the All About Me poster.


  •  It's a cool way for students to express themselves and show off their personalities.


  •  Beyond being creative, it's a tool for self-discovery, deepening connections in your classroom. 


  • Watch your students contribute to a collective masterpiece that'll adorn your walls.

3. Fact or Fiction: The Ultimate Icebreaker

Kickstart the school year with Fact or Fiction – a game that adds mystery and fun to the classroom. 


This icebreaker helps students share interesting facts about themselves, breaking down barriers and setting the stage for a supportive and collaborative learning environment throughout the year.


Benefits of Icebreakers: Fostering Connection and Communication

Engaging icebreakers like Fact or Fiction play a pivotal role in establishing connections among students. By encouraging them to share personal tidbits, these activities break down initial barriers, creating an atmosphere where communication flows more naturally. Improved communication sets the stage for a supportive and collaborative learning environment throughout the school year.

4. Guess Who? Back to School Edition


  • Introduce Back to School | Guess Who? – a delightful activity for the opening days. Students craft clues about themselves, adding a 4x6" photo for a personal touch. 


  • The guessing game turns the classroom into a realm of excitement and discovery, fostering camaraderie and shared laughter.

5. Math About Me: Combining Math Skills with Creativity


  • Add a captivating twist to your math lessons with Math About Me. Students create eight number sentences or equations related to provided topics.


  •  Flaps conceal their answers, adding mystery and excitement.


  •  Perfect for the first day or as a visually stunning math display – it's education meets aesthetics in one captivating package.

These activities promise an enjoyable and memorable first day back to school. Feel free to adapt them to suit your classroom needs and let the creativity flow!


Wishing you all a fantastic start to the school year! 🎉


Share your creations! Tried any of our back-to-school activities? We want to see your students' masterpieces! Share photos or descriptions on social media. Tag us @mrsedgarsclass


Let's celebrate the uniqueness of each classroom together!

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