3 Easter Activities for the Holidays!

3 Easter Activities for the Holidays!

Hey teacher!

Hey parents and teachers! If you've got kids at home this holiday season, or if you're looking to send something fun home with your students for Easter break, I've got you covered. Here are my top three holiday activity ideas that are sure to keep everyone entertained and engaged!

1. Art for Kids Hub

If you're looking for some great art ideas for kids, check out Art for Kids Hub! 
They've got tons of directed drawing and painting projects, including some fun Easter-themed ones. 

Personally, I think the Easter Bunny painting is a standout - it's absolutely beautiful!

2. Easter cookies

Looking for a fun and delicious Easter activity to do at home? Check out these easy and beautiful Easter cookies! They're sure to provide lots of enjoyment for everyone involved. 
And let's not forget, they're absolutely yummy!


3. Play Ideas at Home

I've put together this resource to provide ideas for play in the holidays, at home! The activities included can be easily adapted to fit your child's interests and I guarantee they'll be fun, hands-on, and engaging!

Happy holidays!! Wishing you a wonderful break.

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