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8 Quick and Easy Last-Minute Easter Activities for The Classroom

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As Easter draws near, let's add a sprinkle of festive fun to our classroom activities. We've compiled a delightful selection of eight quick and simple Easter-themed activities to egg-cite your students and ignite their creativity. 

From crafting colourful Easter baskets to embarking on imaginative writing journeys, there's something for every classroom to enjoy. 

So, let's dive into these engaging activities and make this Easter season one filled with memorable learning experiences for our students!

A Create Vibrant Easter Themed Classroom Displays

Engage your students in a delightful craft that will not only bring out their creativity but also make for a stunning classroom display. 

All you need are simple materials: paper, a candle, and watercolors. 

Begin by having the students draw Easter-themed designs or shapes on the paper using the candle. Once their outlines are complete, instruct them to use watercolors to paint over the entire paper. 

The wax from the candle will resist the watercolor, creating a beautiful effect as the colors reveal the hidden designs. 

Once the paintings are dry, hang them up around the classroom to showcase the unique and vibrant artwork your students have created. 

It's a fun and easy project that encourages artistic expression and adds a festive touch to your classroom decor.

Spark Creativity with these Adorable Writing Toppers

Hop into the Easter spirit with a delightful and educational writing activity for your students! 

Introduce an easy  writing exercise by providing adorable Easter bunny writing toppers. Encourage your students to craft imaginative Easter stories using this charming topper as inspiration. 

This versatile activity can be adapted to various grade levels, making it suitable for a wide range of learners. Once the stories are complete, showcase the creativity of your students by displaying their narratives in the classroom. 

The combination of cute bunny toppers and imaginative tales is sure to create a festive and engaging atmosphere for the Easter season.

Recharge with Fun I Spy Printables for a Mindful Classroom Break

Give your students a delightful Easter-themed brain break with our super cute and fun "I Spy" printables! 

These engaging activities are perfect for adding a touch of Easter excitement to your classroom while offering a mindful moment of relaxation. As the end of term approaches and everyone starts winding down for the holidays, these I Spy printables provide a light-hearted way to refocus and recharge.

 Whether you're looking for a quick break during a busy day or a mindful activity to ease into the holiday spirit, these challenges are sure to bring joy and a sense of calm to your classroom.

 Incorporate some seasonal fun into your routine and watch your students enjoy a moment of mindfulness.

Easter Egg Suncatchers: A Creative Classroom Delight!

Engage your older students in a delightful and creative activity with Easter egg suncatchers! This fun project not only allows them to explore their artistic talents but also results in stunning additions to the classroom decor.

Encourage experimentation with different patterns, colours, and arrangements to create truly eye-catching pieces. 

Once completed, these vibrant suncatchers can be hung in classroom windows, casting a beautiful array of colours and patterns throughout the room.

 It's a fantastic way to celebrate the Easter season while promoting creativity and adding a touch of charm to the learning environment.

Craft A Unique Easter Basket

Embark on a delightful crafting adventure with this cute and easy-to-make Easter basket! 

When seeking simple yet enjoyable Easter activities, look no further than this charming basket template. Let your students unleash their creativity as they customise and decorate their own Easter baskets using this straightforward template. 

Whether it's using colourful paper, markers, or stickers, the possibilities are endless. This hands-on project not only provides a fun and engaging activity for students but also results in adorable Easter baskets that can be proudly displayed or used for an Easter egg hunt.

 Encourage creativity, embrace simplicity, and enjoy the festive spirit with these personalised Easter baskets!

Fun Unfolded: Free Printable Chatterbox

Dive into the Easter spirit with this fun and free Easter-themed printable chatterbox, also known as a cootie catcher!

 Kids adore these interactive paper games, and the best part? They're incredibly simple—all you have to do is print and go! 

With Easter-themed designs and prompts, these chatterboxes are perfect for adding a touch of holiday excitement to any classroom or home setting. 

Watch as children engage in endless fun and laughter while also exercising their fine motor skills and creativity. Simply download, print, and let the festivities begin!

Get Your Student Thinking With A Crack the Code Activity!

Get ready to challenge your students' minds with our Easter-themed "Crack the Code" activity! 

This engaging puzzle will have your students eagerly deciphering clues and racing to unlock the hidden message. 

With Easter-inspired hints and codes, it's the perfect way to add a dash of holiday excitement to your classroom. Watch as students collaborate, problem-solve, and compete to see who can crack the code the quickest. 

This fun and interactive activity will not only stimulate their critical thinking skills but also foster teamwork and creativity. 

Get Creative With Thes Cute Cards

Elevate your gift giving with these adorable printable Easter egg cards from The Best Ideas For Kids!

Perfect for both kids and adults, these charming cards are not only beautiful but also a delightful activity for little ones to colour. 

With three different designs to choose from, there's something to suit every taste. Plus, why not take it a step further and encourage creativity by using the egg outlines as templates for kids to design their very own masterpieces? 

Whether you're sending heartfelt wishes or enjoying some creative crafting time, these printable Easter egg cards are sure to spread joy and cheer this holiday season!

So, there you have it— eight Easter activities to bring joy and creativity to your classroom. 

Whether you're painting with watercolours, crafting adorable bunny baskets, or exploring the wonders of Easter egg suncatchers, these activities are sure to add a delightful touch to your holiday celebrations. 

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