2025 daily teacher planner

Mrs Edgar 2025 Signature Daily Brights Planner Range

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Welcome to the unveiling of our 2025 Signature Daily Teacher Planner, a vibrant, practical, and quality planning companion designed to empower educators to excel in their profession. As we delve into the features and essence of this planner, you’ll discover how it brings joy, colour, and unparalleled organisation to your teaching journey.

Teaching is undeniably one of the most rewarding careers, filled with moments that warm the heart and inspire the soul. From witnessing the spark of understanding in a student's eyes to knowing you’re making a lasting impact on young lives, the journey of a teacher is truly incomparable. However, behind these moments lies the essential foundation of planning.

Signature Daily Brights

Say goodbye to dull, uninspiring planners. Our Signature Daily Teacher Planner bursts with vibrant colours and practical layouts, making every planning session a delight. 

With a dedicated spread for each day (Monday to Friday), complete with six vertical periods, you can effortlessly map out your lessons, activities, and appointments. 

Plus, we haven't forgotten about your weekends – there's a small space to jot down your plans and reflections.

Navigating through the academic year has never been easier. Our planner comes equipped with five tabbed dividers, ensuring convenient organisation for each term.

 Tailored to accommodate the unique schedules of different states and territories, these dividers provide ample space for planning school weeks and holidays alike.

Stay on top of your professional development, assessments, and goals with our planner’s robust features. 

Record your progress and plan your strategies effectively with professional learning logs, assessment recording space, notes pages, goal setting pages, 2025 calendar overviews, classroom layout pages, and month-to-an-opening calendars.

Additionally, each term kicks off with a double spread for streamlined term planning.

Keep all your essential documents and materials in one place with our planner's thoughtful design.

A clear pocket sleeve for your timetable, a double-sided pocket pouch for A4 documents, and a satin finish A4 pouch for additional storage ensure that everything stays neat and accessible.

Crafted with durability and aesthetics in mind, our planner boasts a metallic spiral binding for long-lasting use, a hardcover with luxe foiled cover text, and inspirational quotes sprinkled throughout. 

Don't miss out on finding the perfect companion for your organised teaching journey – keep scrolling to see them all!

Upstream - Morgan Jamieson

Floral Fun - Kasey Rainbow

Postcards from the Big Planet - Morgan Jamieson

A Celebration of Jagun-Country - Holly Sanders

Retro Flowers - Sandra Hutter

Watercolour Hearts - Leslie Tieu

Palms - Yao Cheng

2025 daily teacher planner

Snow Drift - Yao Cheng

Make 2025 your most organised and fulfilling year yet with our Signature Daily Teacher Planner. 

Bring your lesson plans to life, nurture your students’ growth, and find joy in every teaching moment – because when you’re organised, anything is possible.

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