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First Day Survival and Fun!

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Having a plan for the week ahead can make all the difference. Our first-week survival guide is filled with helpful tips and tricks. So don't miss out, take a look and start your term off right!
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Three Things To Do on the First Day of School...

Building a strong classroom community starts with the first day of school. To help get the year off to a successful start, we've come up with some of our favourite first-day activities.

Invite students to share the meanings and pronunciations of their names. This can be an opportunity to learn about the significance of names in different cultures and how to respect each other's identities.

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Create a class playlist together, with each student contributing a song by writing it on a post-it and putting it in a box. Students can also discuss why they chose it.

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Come up with a whole-class secret handshake that you can use every time your students enter or leave the room.

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Classroom Hacks...

back to school, first day of school activity
back to school, first day of school activity
back to school, first day of school activity
back to school, first day of school activity
back to school, first day of school activity

Websites We Love...

Bookmark some of our favourite websites that you can use in Term 1!


Sketch is an interactive platform where students work can be uploaded and then animated to move around! This is a great tool to bring your students work to life!

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Miro is a collaborative online whiteboard platform that educators can use in various ways to enhance remote or in-person teaching and facilitate interactive learning experiences. Miro could be used in your classroom for brainstorming, mind mapping and collaborative projects.

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Unsplash is an image platform where you can access high quality images for free. Images can be incorporated into the classroom in many ways, check out these ideas below!


Writing Prompts:

Show a daily picture as a writing prompt. Ask students to write a short story, poem, or journal entry inspired by the image.


Inquiry Skills, Critical Thinking and Inference: 

Use pictures that are open to interpretation or contain hidden details. Encourage students to make inferences, analyse the content, and discuss what they see.

Foster discussions about what might have happened before or after the moment captured in the picture.


Geography and Cultural Studies

Share pictures from around the world to introduce students to different cultures, landmarks, and geography.

Downtime Activities...

The first week of term is crazy, trust us, we know! Scheduling in some designated downtime is a great way to let yourself and your students decompress and recharge! Below are a few ideas that you may want to include in your week 1 planning! Just a few minutes of quiet time can go a long way in helping everyone be in the best mindset to tackle the rest of the week!

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For You...

Five-Minute Movement 

Incorporate quick five-minute movement breaks throughout the day. These breaks can involve stretching exercises, a short dance session to energising music, or even a few yoga poses. Physical movement can help alleviate stress and boost energy levels. Your students will love doing this with you as well!

Personal Reflection Time

 Dedicate a short period at the end of each day during the first week to reflect on successes, challenges, and goals. Use this time to jot down thoughts in a journal, review plans for the next day, or simply unwind and mentally prepare for the next day.

For Your Students...

Question of the day!

Pose a thought-provoking or fun question to the class and encourage everyone to share their responses. Questions like "If you could have any superpower, what would it be and why?" or "What's one thing you're excited to learn this year?" can spark interesting conversations.

Icebreaker game!

Engage students in icebreaker activities like "Two Truths and a Lie," "Find Someone Who," or "The Human Knot" to encourage interaction, laughter, and sharing among students.

Tasty Toolkit for Teacher's...

Mango Oat Bars

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Easy Jar Salad

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Chicken and Vegetable Hummus Wrap

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Freezable Zucchini Slice

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Baked Bean Microwave Nachos

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Coconut Chicken Curry

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The Perfect Pair...

The Gentle Classroom Decor Set is the perfect addition to your base organisation. Each product is designed with gentle colours, easy readability, and a calming influence to create a learning environment that is both peaceful and engaging. This starter kit includes 16 essential products, so you can be sure that your classroom is organised, looking its best and providing the perfect atmosphere for learning!

We hope this guide helps to support some of your planing and prepping for the beginning of Term One. Soak up all the little moments and enjoy your first few weeks with your new class of little learners!

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