Artist Spotlight:  Holly Sanders

Artist Spotlight: Holly Sanders


Artwork has always been a feature of our planners since the beginning! 

The perfect piece of art has the ability to completely transform our planners and set the mood, evoking feelings of joy and inspiration.

We are so excited to be introducing Holly Sanders, the artist behind our 

Signature Weekly Neutral covers. A Celebration of Jagun-Country and Women’s Place as well as Signature Weekly Brights cover ‘Ngalingah Gala Jagun’ - We belong to Country

About Holly Sanders

Holly Sanders is a proud Bundjalung woman from the North Coast of NSW, Australia. She currently lives and works as a teacher and artist on Yuin and Dharawal Countries. Through her art she aims to share her stories, culture and Country in a contemporary way.

She always looks to Country- the land, sky and the waters- and uses these images, stories and memories to paint. The patterns of Country at different times of the day and year influence heavily in her art.

Holly honors the continuing connection Bundjalung, Yuin and Dharawal people have to the land and acknowledges the stories, traditions and living cultures of all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people as the oldest and longest continuing culture on the planet.

2025 teacher planner artist

2025 planner:

2025 teacher planner

A Celebration of Jagun- Country.


"The land, sky, waters, flora and fauna together all form Country. We sing, celebrate and dance about Country. There are no flora, fauna, waters, mountains or stars in the sky that are not interconnected with our culture or kin. 

It is inherent to our identity and is more than a place. We have a spiritual and cultural connection to Country. Always was, always will be." - Holly Sanders

2025 teacher planner

Women’s Place

"This work symbolises the sacred sites of women’s business and women’s knowledge on Country. For generations, women have cared for sacred places on Country using ancestral wisdom and knowledge. This is a continuation of thousands of years of generational practice- the oldest in the world. The detailed patterns and lines represent the Country, ceremonial smoke, Songlines, berries and medicines.

The natural colours used throughout symbolise the colours and ochres of the land. The land is connected to women and is our mother. Protection and recognition is needed for our cultural and heritage women’s sites so that they aren't just seen as geographical spaces, but are of great cultural heritage that contain our Songlines, ancestors and Dreamings. We continue to have a living, spiritual connection with these sites." - Holly Sanders

2025 teacher planner

We Belong To Country - Ngalingah Gala Jagun

"First Nation’s people have thrived and lived sustainably with the land we call Australia for more than 60,000 years. We are spiritually and culturally connected to this country. It is inherent to our identity and is interconnected with our culture, family and kinship, traditions, songlines, languages, and physical and emotional well-being.

 Country is more than a place. Country is our mother, and gives us our identity and sense of belonging." - Holly Sanders

2025 teacher planner artist
holy sanders art

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