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8 Simple Mother's Day Celebration Ideas For The Classroom

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 With Mother's Day just around the corner, it's the perfect time to celebrate and honour the special women in our lives, including the wonderful mothers of our students. In this post, we're excited to share eight simple yet meaningful Mother's Day celebration ideas specifically tailored for the classroom setting.

 These ideas are designed to not only involve students in expressing gratitude and appreciation but also to create memorable experiences that celebrate the spirit of motherhood. 

Make A Card

Creating heartfelt Mother's Day cards is a wonderful way for students to express their love and appreciation for the special women in their lives. But why limit it to just "Mum"? 

Let's make sure all students can celebrate an important person, whether it's a mum, grandmother, aunt, or guardian.

We've got you covered with a super simple template: the "I Love You to Pieces" card. This template allows students to customise their cards for anyone who holds a special place in their heart. 

Share a Mother's Day Story

We're passionate about using stories to engage and connect with our students, and Mother's Day is no exception. Storytelling is a powerful tool that brings language learning to life, offering Young Learners a dynamic and immersive experience.

Through stories, children not only enjoy hearing the language but also participate in the narrative, making the learning process both enjoyable and memorable. Whether it's through captivating characters, colourful illustrations, or heartwarming themes, stories provide a platform for children to explore language in a stylistic and entertaining way.

To celebrate Mother's Day, we've handpicked some of our favourite book selections that capture the essence of this special day. From tales of maternal love to stories about family bonds, these books are sure to inspire and delight both children and their mothers alike. 

mothers day activities
Wild About Mums by Philip Bunting 
mothers day Activities
Miimi and Buwaarr, Mother and Child By Melissa Greenwood 
mother day activites ideas
My Marvellous Mum By Jonathan Bentley
mothers day activity ideas
Mama Bear and Me By Sophie Beer

Build A Bulletin Board

Classroom displays are a fantastic way to showcase your students' hard work and celebrate the vibrant happenings within your classroom and school community. So, why not seize the opportunity to create a special Mother's Day classroom display?

Just like this stunning mother's day bulletin board from @teach.with.heart

With Mother's Day approaching, it's the perfect time to get creative and adorn your classroom walls with heartfelt tributes to all the amazing mothers and mother figures out there. From handmade crafts to thoughtful messages, a Mother's Day display is a wonderful way to involve your students in expressing gratitude and appreciation.

Whether you opt for a colourful collage of student artwork or a display featuring heartwarming quotes and poems about mothers, the possibilities are endless. So, gather your supplies, enlist the help of your students, and let your imagination soar as you create a memorable Mother's Day showcase for all to enjoy!

Create these this super cute moments jar from @creativelyteachingfirst to create a cute classroom display

Watch A Mother's Day Video

Whose students don't adore watching a video? And let's be honest, what child doesn't have a soft spot for Bluey? Well, we've got the perfect combination for you: a super fun Mother's Day episode of Bluey!

In Season 2, Episode 19, titled "The Show," Bluey and her family embark on a delightful adventure filled with laughter, love, and heartwarming moments—all centred around celebrating Mother's Day. From hilarious antics to touching gestures, this episode captures the essence of what makes mothers so special.

So, why not treat your students to this entertaining and heartwarming episode as part of your Mother's Day celebrations? Sit back, relax, and join Bluey and her family for a memorable Mother's Day experience that both children and adults alike will cherish. 

Write About Mum

If you're looking to enhance your students' writing skills, why not encourage them to express their thoughts and feelings about their mums? Every teacher knows the joy of reading the heartfelt answers on Mother's Day questionnaires.

Our Mother's Day bundle is the perfect resource to inspire creativity and celebrate maternal bonds in the classroom. It includes a variety of engaging activities centred around Mother's Day, including our popular Mother's Day poster.

So, dive into our bundle and empower your students to write about their mums, capturing cherished memories and heartfelt messages that will surely warm the heart. Let's make this Mother's Day extra special with heartfelt words and meaningful gestures!

Create An Everlasting Bouquet

If you're searching for an enjoyable Mother's Day activity, why not have your students craft an everlasting bouquet? Not only is it a delightful project, but it's also simple to make using resources you likely already have in your classroom.

Check out this fantastic demonstration video to guide you through the process and inspire your students to get creative with their floral arrangements. From colourful paper flowers to unique designs, there's no limit to the beauty they can create.

So, gather your materials and let the crafting begin! With a little imagination and a touch of creativity, your students can make a special gift that will bring joy to any mum.

Make A Coupon Book

Are you keen to assist your students in crafting a sweet yet simple Mother's Day present? Look no further than our Mother's Day Coupon Book! This delightful activity is both charming and uncomplicated, making it perfect for students to create heartfelt gifts for their mums, grandmas, or any special someone in their lives.

With our Mother's Day Coupon Book template, students can personalise coupons with thoughtful gestures, such as "One Free Hug," "Breakfast in Bed," or "Quality Time Together." It's a wonderful way for children to show their appreciation and love in a tangible and meaningful manner.

Mother's Day Portraits

Looking for a fun activity for your children to make for their mums? Why not have them create a portrait? There's something truly special about seeing the world through a child's eyes, and what better way to capture that perspective than with a portrait of mum?

Encourage your children to unleash their creativity and express their love for their mums through art. Whether it's a colourful drawing, a painting filled with vibrant hues, or a collage of memories, a homemade portrait is sure to touch mum's heart.

So, grab some art supplies, set up a cosy corner, and let the creativity flow! 

Read even more about these portaits at Primary Junction

In wrapping up our exploration of simple Mother's Day celebration ideas for the classroom, it's clear that there are numerous ways to honour the special women in our students' lives. From crafting heartfelt cards to engaging in storytelling adventures, each activity provides a meaningful opportunity to celebrate maternal love and appreciation.

By incorporating these ideas into the classroom, teachers can create memorable experiences that strengthen the bond between students and their mothers, grandmothers, or guardians. Let's make this Mother's Day one to remember by celebrating the wonderful women who shape our lives with creativity and love.

Happy Mother's Day!

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