Georgina Forbes

Georgina is a colourful Fine Artist and Illustrator who happily creates and paints in her light filled studio in Brisbane,  Australia.  Artistic for as long as she can remember, Georgie has always been fascinated with colour and patterns. Georgie’s work is happy, joyful, colourful, patterned and detailed (with a twist of fun and the unexpected). She loves to explore subjects from nature and still life, through to the absurdly abstract. 

Georgie has been painting and creating for over 25 years and holds a bachelor’s degree in both Fine Art and Fashion Design. Throughout the past 10 years, Georgie’s work has been a finalist in numerous art awards, including being awarded People’s Choice in 2019 in the Lethbridge 20,000 Small Scale Art Award. She was also was awarded Judges Choice in the Petite Pieces Competition at the Aspire Gallery, Brisbane in 2018. Georgie’s work is held in private collections around the world.

Somewhere in between juggling a zillion projects, Georgie managed to add three kids to her gallery of impressive creations. Her family are her personal cheer squad who have always backed her ambitions, inspired her creativity and always join in her enthusiasm to create beautiful works of art.