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Artist Spotlight - Lauren Saylor


Artwork has always been a feature of our planners since the beginning! 

The perfect piece of art has the ability to completely transform our planners and set the mood, evoking feelings of joy and inspiration.

We are so excited to be introducing Lauren Saylor, the artist behind our stunning neutral quotes pages featuring in our Signature Neutrals Range. 

About Lauren Saylor

Meet Lauren Saylor, the heart and soul behind an exciting multidimensional studio offering an array of services. Her creativity extends to interior decorating, stationery design, bespoke home goods, and content creation. Her philosophy? Finding happiness in the little things. With a keen eye for design, Lauren crafts spaces, objects, and stories that bring practicality, functionality, aesthetic pleasure, and joy to both everyday life and unique celebrations. She is dedicated to helping clients appreciate the beauty around them, transforming ordinary environments into everlasting sources of inspiration.

A Southern California native, Lauren's post-high school years were filled with creative exploration, switching paths more than a few times. She earned her stripes in Fashion Design at FIDM and then spent six years in the corporate world of eyewear and apparel. But when her day job lacked the creative spark she craved, Lauren turned to blogging to channel her creative energy. This new venture led her to the beautiful world of calligraphy. She dedicated her spare moments over the next few years to mastering the art form. In 2012, she said farewell to the corporate world, embracing blogging and hand lettering as her full-time dream job.

Fast forward over a decade, and her lettering business has blossomed, bringing joy to hundreds of couples by creating keepsakes for their special moments. Despite the pandemic slowing down weddings, Lauren expanded her creative horizons into interior design and continued growing her business. She takes immense pleasure in seeing her clients grow along with her, helping them create a timeline of memories from wedding invitations and first-home decorating to designing baby shower thank you cards.

When Lauren isn't creating beautiful things in her backyard studio, you might find her savoring a beach sunset, unwinding with a glass of rosé at her Palm Springs vacation home, lounging in her garden with her husband and dogs, or picking out the perfect bouquet at one of her favorite flower stands.

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2025 Teacher Planner

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